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Article: Holiday facial care routine

Facial care routine for men

Holiday facial care routine

If you don't have to go to work today, take the opportunity to dedicate a couple more minutes to your facial care routine. 

3 tips to take care of your skin on a holiday

The 3 tips are:

1. Discover your Routine

If you are still not sure about the best routine according to your skin type, do your Personalized Facial Routine test.

2. Complete your routine

If you already know what your ideal routine is, make sure that you do it completely today. 

You do not have to do all the steps described above every day, but it is important that you follow this order. 
Sometimes you ask us which steps are most important. And the answer is that it depends on: 
- Each person's skin type
- What aspects do you want to enhance (spotsoilywrinklesskin saggingshiners, etc ...). 
 Therefore, it is so important that you complete your questionnaire to obtain an personalized facial routine.

3. Pay attention to your body care routine

Did you know that you can also use our X-Foliate, to exfoliate your body?
Take the opportunity today to exfoliate and hydrate your body with a good body cream that contains firming ingredients, like our Bare Man.
We remain at your disposal for any additional questions or queries you may have about your facial care routine.

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