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Article: Why choose a Water Based Lubricant?

natural lubricant

Why choose a Water Based Lubricant?

Did you know that a natural lubricant, water-based, can it make a difference in your moments of intimacy?

If there is something that we must value in our intimate relationships, it is the well-being and comfort of our intimate area

The intimate area deserves the best

the use of a lubricant during intimate relationships is very common, but choosing the right lubricant is essential to take care of our intimate area optimally.

Some lubricants on the market contain artificial ingredients and synthetic chemicals that can cause irritation, allergies, and imbalances in the pH of the intimate area. That is why we must be aware of what we apply to our body and look for safer and more natural alternatives.

Our 4-play lube It is the best option for those who want to experience pleasure without compromising their well-being.

Formulated with natural ingredients, its formula is unique with Aloe vera bio contributes to a exceptional hydration and acts as a gentle repairer for any type of friction, allowing you to enjoy without worries. 

Reasons to switch to a natural water-based lubricant: 

1. Why should we use a natural lubricant?

Because everything that is absorbed through the mucosa goes directly to the blood supply. That is why it is very important to use a lubricant that is natural and harmless. It is essential that you choose products that respect and protect this delicate area.

There are 3 types of lubricants:

  • oil based: They are not recommended with the use of condoms, since they can break the latex. The oil also stains sheets and clothing and is difficult to remove.
  • silicone base: most lubricants today are based on silicone, which is a polymer, a "plastic" in liquid form, which should not be recommended for a product that is absorbed through mucous membranes.
  • Water-based: all lubricants should be water based. Our 4-Play is a water-based lubricant and free of silicones, parabens and other harsh chemicals. Allowing you to enjoy without worries. It guarantees a pleasant experience without irritation or unwanted side effects.



2. Lasting and Natural Hydration

Lubrication is very important for a pleasant and comfortable sexual experience, but friction can often cause discomfort and itching in our intimate area.

Our 4-play lube It is formulated with vegetable glycerin, and its gel texture provides longer use that does not dry out, allowing greater comfort and longer lasting pleasure during your intimate moments.


 3. Compatible with Toys and Condoms

One of the advantages of our water-based lubricant is its compatibility with latex condoms and sex toys. 4-Play guarantees a safe and effective lubrication to fully enjoy your erotic toys and protected intimate moments.

It is not recommended to use a silicone lubricant, if you use silicone toys in your intimate relationships, or elements to strengthen the pelvic floor. It is best to use a water based lubricant


4. Easy to Clean and Does Not Stain

Unlike some lubricants that tend to leave tough stains on clothes or sheets, our 4 play it cleans easily with water and leaves no traces. It is the best choice for an intimate experience without worries.


Prioritize Your Pleasure and Health

We believe that your intimate moments should be pleasant, safe and healthy. That is why we have created 4 play, based lubricant of water that adapts to your needs and takes care of you.

Prioritize your pleasure and health by choosing a natural and environmentally friendly lubricant. Discover the power of natural pleasure with 4-Play by Homo Naturals and enjoy privacy like never before!


Discover the Power of Natural Pleasure!

Your body, your rules! Self Love and Respect for him, give him or better!


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