How to choose a good facial cream

What should you look for before purchasing your facial cream?

1. In the ingredients that contains and in which No. contains, and in their quality. 
2. in his texture. That it has a good level of absorption and is not oily. 
3. That suits your skin type

1. Ingredients

Make sure that your facial cream does not contain petroleum derivatives. You can review the list of ingredients and check that there are no terms such as "petrolatum", "parafinum liquidum", "vaseline", "mineral oil", "dimethicone", "cyclomethicone", "microcistaline wax", "ozokerit", "polydimethylcyclosixolane ", "methylsilanol", "polyacrydimethylauramide", "PEG-(number)". 

It has been shown that petroleum derivatives end up causing dehydration in the lower layers of the skin (which is precisely where it should not be dehydrated), and premature aging. 

There is an extensive list of ingredients that a good face cream should not contain, but make sure that at least the ones listed here are not listed.
If you need more information about the differences between certified organic natural cosmetics and conventional cosmetics, click on this link, where you will find the different types of ingredients used in each case. 

Make sure the base of your face cream is plant-based ingredients.
It is not the same a cream whose claim is "with natural ingredients" whose base is only the ingredients of vegetable origin, since in most cases the creams "with natural ingredients" contain a very small part and the great part of the content of the product are usually petroleum-derived ingredients. 
face cream for men

2. Texture

You can tell a good face cream by its texture. That a cream is 100% natural is not enough. There are artisan creams with good formulations but with textures that are too oily for our skin, especially for men's skin, which, as you well know, has specific needs. 

You can tell a quality face cream because once it's absorbed, it doesn't leave your skin oily. 
anti aging face cream for men

3. Skin type

We usually talk about "face cream", but if you have oily skin, then the best thing for your skin is a face gel like ours Anti-Stress GEL. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, we recommend our Anti-Stress CREAM

If you have combination skin or normal skin, it is best to combine both textures during the year. In winter Cream, and in summer, Gel. 

How can I distinguish a good facial cream?

We recommend that you always look at the list of ingredients of the product and check that it does not contain unwanted ingredients.

You can also check the opinions of other customers, and finally try it yourself to see how your skin feels. In the end, your opinion is the most important 😉

You should also take into account which are the most important aspects that you want to improve on your face. Are the wrinkles? It is the flaccidity? Flaky skin? Or do you want to take care of yourself to prevent all that? 
In our case, both our Anti-Stress GEL like ours Anti-Stress CREAM they are true all-in-one. 

In our case, both our Anti-Stress GEL like ours Anti-Stress CREAM they are true all-in-one. 

As we are in winter, in this article we will tell you about the properties of our Anti-Stress CREAM

The first thing you should know is that it is a cream formulated for normal or dry skinbut what if you have mixed skin, we also recommend using it in winter. The reason is very simple. If it were a cream formulated for a woman's face, it might be too oily for you. 
Instead, being formulated for men's skinIt is ideal to use for combination skin in winter, especially from 35-40 years of age.

What contains our Anti-Stress CREAM?

Anti-wrinkle face cream for men
Gingko biloba
It is one of the few trees we have today that have existed since prehistoric times. Its extract helps carry nutrients to the skin, and is considered a great wrinkle
It is a vegetable shortening from an African tree. It has numerous properties, but perhaps the most important is that it is a great regenerating skin cells. 

Jojoba oil contains ceramides, which are the cement that binds the cells of our skin, being this active a great firming skin cells. 

The avocado bone is cold pressed and a vegetable oil is obtained super nutritious. It is the vegetable oil with the widest spectrum of vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, D, E...). 

Several studies show that the synergy of Karité, Jojoba and Avocado help our skin to generate its own collagen and elastin.

Hyaluronic acid
In our case of plant origin and low molecular weight to ensure greater penetration and effectiveness. 

Vitamins C and E
Two bigs Antioxidants for your skin that fight against free radicals.

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