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Article: 6 aspects that a good facial cleanser for men must meet

Men's facial cleanser
Men's facial cleanser

6 aspects that a good facial cleanser for men must meet

Facial cleansing is essential in your facial care routine. We will never tire of saying how important your is. face cleaner like you Anti-aging cream

If you use a very aggressive or inappropriate facial cleanser, your skin will suffer and signs of aging may appear earlier. 

Therefore, it is very important that you always apply a good facial cleanser to keep your facial skin always healthy and in top shape. 

What are the aspects that a facial cleanser for men must meet?

If you're looking for face cleaner and you don't know where to start, these are the 6 aspects that your facial cleanser must meet

  1. Make it respectful of your skin

    This is the most important characteristic that a facial cleanser must meet. As we said above, for your skin to be in good condition, it is essential that:
    • Do not wash it with any bar soap, since solid soaps usually have a very high pH.
    • Do not wash it with a shower gel that contains sulfates.
    • Do not wash it with a conventional shower gel.

      If you use a soap that has a very high pH, ​​it will destroy your skin's natural protective barrier. This barrier, called the acid mantle or hydrolipidic protective layer, you You don't see it, but it has a very important protective function for your face. 

      If you use a soap that contains sulfates, they can be very aggressive for your skin. Keep in mind that sulfates are present in surface cleaning products, but for your face, they are too aggressive. 

      If you use a conventional shower gel, which is formulated for the body, it may contain chemical agents that are not ideal for your face. Keep in mind that the skin on your face is 5 times thinner than that of your body, so it is important to clean it in the most respectful way possible. 

  2. Clean in depth

    The skin on your face is the only one that is always exposed. It is therefore the only part of your body that is in constant contact with environmental pollution. 

    It is important that you use a face cleaner In addition to being respectful, it also cleans deeply to eliminate all that pollution that accumulates on your face, as well as all the toxins that your body eliminates through your skin.

    If you use a cleanser that is not capable of removing all the dirt, when you apply your facial cream later, if your skin is not clean, you will reintroduce all those toxins and environmental pollution into it. 

  3. That smells delicious

    It is important that you face cleaner is formulated no synthetic perfumes. Some of these synthetic perfumes are highly controversial because they contain undesirable chemical agents. 

    Our recommendation is that you use only one face cleaner containing essential oils 100% pure instead of synthetic perfumes, like ours Extra Gent's. 

    Furthermore, thanks to its citrus essential oils, it will not only provide a sublime fragrance to your facial cleansing, but they are also great purifiers for a greater detox effect. 

  4. Make it sustainable

    It is important that you face cleaner Not only does it contain sustainable ingredients, but its packaging is too. Always try to choose a facial cleanser with a glass or recycled/recyclable plastic container. 

  5. That is formulated for men's skin

    There are dozens of facial cleansers on the market, but if you choose one that is specially formulated for men's skin, it will always be more effective and perform its function better. 

    As you well know, men's skin has specific needs, and it is important to use facial care products adapted to these needs. 

  6. Let it be natural

    Finally, another basic aspect is that your cleanser is a 100% natural product. This means that it must be formulated without petroleum derivatives (paraffins, silicones, etc.), nor a long list of chemical agents (ethoxylated emulsifiers...), nor preservatives such as parabens, triclosan, phenoxyethanol, etc. 

    The best way to check that your facial cleanser does not contain any of these unwanted ingredients is to choose a facial cleanser that is certified organic, like our Extra Gent's


Facial cleanser for men


Our face cleaner Extra Gent's It is ideal for all skin types

You know why? 
  • Oily skin

    If you are a man with mixed skin o oily, you need a deep cleansing facial cleanser. But be careful not to use some cleansers called "sebum regulators," as they can cause a rebound effect on your skin, and cause it to end up generating even more sebum than desired. 

    It tienes oily, and you want to regulate excess sebum on your skin, we recommend the use of a facial revitalizing spray with sebum-regulating effect, like ours Cool Splash, whose plant extracts will regulate excess oil secretion from your skin. 

    Of course, it is very important that you use a facial cleanser as respectful as possible to avoid the rebound effect mentioned above. 

  • Dry Skin

    If you suffer from Dry Skin, then it is essential that your facial cleanser does not dry out your skin. If you already know our cleaner Extra Gent's, you will notice how soft it leaves it after washing it. The creamy texture our highly respectful cleaner, it is ideal for dry skin. And since it does not contain sulfates, your skin will always be protected. 

  • Sensitive skin

    It tienes sensitive skin that immediately turns red, it is vital that you facial cleanser be as respectful as possible. That's why our Extra Gent's, formulated without sulfates and with pH 5, is the best option for a sensitive skin. In addition, its dermoprotective ingredients such as aloe vera or chamomile will help soothe your skin. 

  • Normal skin

    If you have normal skin, it is equally necessary to use a facial cleanser for men that is highly respectful of your skin, while purifying and cleaning it deeply. 

    This is because if you do not want your skin to become sensitive skin, or dry skin, due to using too aggressive products, or even oily skin, due to a rebound effect, due to using a less respectful cleanser, You should use an appropriate facial cleanser that does not contain sulfates, has pH, and contains dermoprotective ingredients to always keep your skin in optimal condition. 

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